Images contruction

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Some images during the construction, description of the installation, for the treatment of waste water before discharge to contribute to protecting the ecological environment. Installing submersible pumps Installing disinfection system Installing air distribustion disc Installing equipment in control room Installing electrical control panel Installing dosing pumps Installing flow meter 


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Click here Tran-Dong A is a specialized mechanical equipment, which plays an important role in the current wastewater treatment technology, which filters up to 90% of the waste volume. Small mixed in waste water, before being introduced into the biological treatment system. 1. Characteristics: Structural strength, durability, not corroded by the wastewater, long life, because the whole structure is processed …

Installing equipment in Equalization tank – Blooming Tower Project

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Equalization tank: a. Hydraulic: Wastewater from spills into the Equalization tank. At the bottom tank, wastewater will be mixed by the air disfuser disk system located at the bottom of the tank, extracted from two air blowers. 2 submersible sewage pumps are installed at the bottom of the tank, rotating with the task of transferring waste water to the next …

Fixed bed reactor technology for wastewater treatment

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1.Introdution to Fixed bed reactor technology: The FBR (Fixed Bed Reactor) is a technology used to treat organic solvents in wastewater as well as inorganic substances such as H2S, sulfite, ammonia, nitrogen. Based on the activity of microorganisms that pollute organic matter to produce food for growth and development, the Fixed Bed Reactor (FBR) system integrates all three active sludge …