Installing equipment in Equalization tank – Blooming Tower Project

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Equalization tank:

a. Hydraulic:

Wastewater from spills into the Equalization tank. At the bottom tank, wastewater will be mixed by the air disfuser disk system located at the bottom of the tank, extracted from two air blowers. 2 submersible sewage pumps are installed at the bottom of the tank, rotating with the task of transferring waste water to the next tank (uABR partition tank).

In addition, above the tank is arranged a spillway pipe over the partition between the tank air conditioner and uABR tank in case 02 waste water pump will flow directly over uABR tank, avoid condition Water overflow at the air conditioner.

b. Function:
Equalization for the concentration of pollutants in the waste water, before passing uABR tank to initiate microbial treatment, improve biological processes, reduce overload, dilute inhibitors Biological and pH-stabilized.
Installing air disfuser disc in bottom Equalization tank
Installing Submersible wastewater pumps in bottom Equalization tank
Installing overflow pipe