Quality Policies

Trần-Đông A Environmental Technology Co., is aware that:

  • Environmental products and services have a direct effects on human health, help to improve living and working conditions.
  • Reduce and eliminate pollution caused during manufacturing and its affects on other products.

Trần-Đông A’s quality policy

       1-Become one of the best environmental treatment suppliers by satisfying all customer needs.

      2-Provide environmental solutions, research to find the best way to the optimal environmental treatment for your companies with reliable, advanced technologies, competitive price, cost effectiveness.

       3-Build a strong customer relationship by listening to customer and supplying the optimal solutions for customer’s environmental treatments. We only offer to our customers the best products and services.

       4-Commit seriously to provide with accurate and completely solutions according to environmental laws. We also take responsibility to give us our advices in order to mitigate or remedy any adverse impacts to the environment from manufacture activities. We are always aware of rights and responsibilities with our customers and community.

       5- Staff training and development are top priorities at our company. The objectives are to build and to develop a team of expertise, professionalism and customer service enthusiasm. Employees in Trần-Đông A are encouraged to join in profound professional training courses, which are suitable to their task functions, so that they can fulfill with efficiency the environmental services.

        6- We’re committed to implement, maintain and continually improve an environmental management system (EMS) in order to enhance system effectiveness.

The criteria mentioned above are to ensure to build an image of a socially responsible company.