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Tran-Dong A is a specialized mechanical equipment, which plays an important role in the current wastewater treatment technology, which filters up to 90% of the waste volume. Small mixed in waste water, before being introduced into the biological treatment system.

1. Characteristics:
Structural strength, durability, not corroded by the wastewater, long life, because the whole structure is processed properly made by stainless steel.
Filter openings (2mm to 3mm), and 5mm diameter holes on the rotary carton are small enough to prevent garbage, allowing for rear-end equipment such as pumps, spills, and clogging. The waste water treatment system works smoothly.
Smooth operation, low noise of the engine, due to the use of accelerator motor imported from Japan.
Rotating speed: 20 to 30 rpm. The device is easily connected to the control panel of the system, as well as other automatic devices.
Disassembly of the connection to the system is simple, fast. It is therefore convenient to upgrade and upgrade the system.

2- Application:
– Use filter cups and suspended solids in processing production.
– Used to remove large scale residues and solids in domestic sewage, urban waste wat
er, industrial waste water.